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The programs and schedules we have for the current year will be described here through this page. However, it is equally important to discuss events that happened last year. Last year was 2008. Last year; 2008, our family visited "Chessington World of Adventure", London, UK. Pictures taken during this visit could be found in the Links section of this website. In 2008, our family also visited Nigeria and to be precise, two major locations in Nigeria namely; Lagos (Financial Capital of Nigeria) and Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti Land; centre of the World.


This year; 2009, there is a plan in place and a schedule to visit Malaga and Majorca in Spain, Isle of Wright in the Northern part of United Kingdom, and possibly the United States of America. We may or may not travel mainly due to our parents work, home and spatial dispositions.  


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Our Birthdays


Andrew's birthday always comes first and this takes place in April, then Dad's in May followed by Alexis in June. Mom's birthday comes in September followed by Ann Marie's in October which is then followed by Aliceandra's in November.


  School Events



Isle of Wright

Aliceandra will be going to the Isle of Wright on a school trip as part of her school curriculum in June 2009. It will be the first time she will be leaving home on a trip by herslf and to be on her own. Her school is St Anne Line Catholic School in Basildon, Essex. We will all be praying for her safe journey and safe return.


Changing Schools


Alexis, the baby will be graduating from Nursery baby school this year 2009, and he will be moving to the Reception classes at St Anne Line Catholic School in Basildon, Essex this September 2009. In a similar move, Aliceandra will also be graduating from St Anne Line Junior Primary Catholic School and going to Secondary School St Bernard's School for Girls in Westcliffe-On-Sea, Essex this September 2009.









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