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This Website is a tribute to our parents; you can "Add" this to your "Favourites" by adding www.olomola.com The purpose of this website is to display a few of the initial pictures taken at locations where the entire family visited during holiday events. For the moment, the pictures displayed here have been taken during a recent visit to Disneyland Paris. At Disney in Paris, the family met with other families all whom have come from the same place in Basildon Essex. None of these other families have been shown here in this website.



Welcome to Disneyland Paris


Most of the pictures featured here on this website were taken by amateur photographer; Mom. It was her first trial at taking pictures and it was a riot. The day had started with a wet cold shower and we were all very tired after having been dragged out of our hotel rooms by Mom who was quite anxious to see all the sounds and sights of Disneyland Paris. The location of the background is the entrance.



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