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Who am I?


My name isAliceandra Oluwaseun Olomola.

My Mom likes calling me Aliceseun. My likes include watching films, Music and dancing, and reading. I used to represent my school in Music and dancing. My first music video Ipod was given to me by my favourite Uncle; Uncle Aji.


I have a Chemistry Set given to me by one of my many special Uncles; Uncle Charles Fadamiro. The Chemistry set is my favourite gift and I have started carrying out different chemical tests with them. When I grow up, I will be one of the greatest scientists on earth. I love reading books; literature books, Poems and Stories, Bible, Novels, medieval, contemporary, science fiction and comics (which i get from my Dad). I play musical instruments; Clarinet and Flutes, and now the Piano and Guitar. I love everything God has made and I love being a child of the Almighty God.


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  • School Events
    Isle of Wright
    I will be going to the Isle of Wright as part of my school curriculum in June 2009. It will be the first time I will be leaving home to be on my own. My Primary school St Anne Line Catholic School is sending me on this trip. I live in Basildon, Essex. I am sure, it will be a swell of a time.

  • Changing Schools
    Alexis is graduating from Nursery baby school
    Alexis is moving to the Reception classes at St Anne Line Catholic School in Basildon, Essex this September 2009.

  • I will be graduating from St Anne Line Junior Primary Catholic School and going to Secondary School at St Bernard's School for Girls in Westcliffe-On-Sea, Essex this September 2009.

  • Birthday
    My 12th Birthday is coming soon. I will be twelve years old on the 24th of November 2009. Now that I am a big girl, I hope my parents will give me my own room away from my restless Sister; Ann Marie Olomola.









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